National Troopers Coalition Endorses Donald Trump

The National Troopers Coalition officially announced that they are endorsing President Donald Trump for President.

Here is the full letter:

The National Troopers Coalition (NTC) represents over 40,000 State Troopers from 42
states and we are the only organization that solely represents the interests of State
Trooper and Highway Patrol Associations. On behalf of our membership, we want to
recognize you for your leadership and thank you for your unwavering support of law
enforcement during your tenure as President of the United States.

This letter is to officially announce our endorsement for your re-election as President of
the United States. During these uncertain times, your strong and unique leadership is
necessary to ensure the safety of law enforcement and the communities we serve
throughout the United States. We are grateful for your continued support for law and
order and your unwavering stance against those who attack the very men and women
that are willing to give their lives to protect others. It is that support which has
resonated with our membership.

The National Troopers Coalition is proud to endorse you as President of the United
States and we will stand with you during the upcoming election. As President, we
believe you, and Vice President Pence, will continue working tirelessly to improve the
quality of life and safety of all citizens of our great country. We are excited to support
your candidacy for re-election and we look forward to working with your administration
in the coming years, and know together, we will make our country safer for everyone,
including law enforcement.

In closing, we stand ready to assist your campaign and wish you great success during
the upcoming election for President of the United States.

Jimmy Chavez

This isn’t President only endorsement from Law Enforcement either:

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New York State Troopers’ Union Endorses Trump

This should come as a shock to no one. The Democrats have officially taken an anti-law enforcement stance. They have declared war on Law Enforcement in this country. They have put their safety at risk for them simply doing their jobs. The Democrats have made it clear there is no room for respecting law enforcement in the Democrat party.

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