Random White Guy Hit With Brick…Video Posted With Hashtag “White Lives Don’t Matter”

Video was taken of a random white guy getting hit in the head with a brick. The person taking the video is laughing as it is done. An Instagram user with the username Traysavage also posted the video and one of the hashtags on it said: “White Lives Don’t Matter”. It is unclear how Traysavage got the video or if he is in any way involved.

This is so disgusting and really is a sign of the times. While our entire country focuses on racism we are seeing a spike in racist anti-white rhetoric by the left and Mainstream Press. All racism should be called out. The Mainstream Media and Left claim to agree with this. However, for some reason when it is a racist attack against a white American both the Mainstream Media and Democrat party is silent.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh highlighted the trend of racist attacks against White Americans:

If we don’t start calling this out now things are going to get worse.

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