Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy interviewed President Trump.

Of course, the internet exploded over this. Portnoy began trending on Twitter and there was certainly a fiery backlash from political people on both sides. This is to be expected. In our current political climate, it is no shock that there was a lot of controversy surrounding it. I don’t even think that is a story.

However, I do think there is a great story here. That story is that Dave Portnoy gave a better interview than anyone in the Mainstream Press has.

The only complaint I have heard as it pertains to the actual substance of the interview was that Portnoy didn’t “pushback” enough. Now, of course, Portnoy is not a political person. He wasn’t going to start pulling up policy points or attacking the President over anything. However, Portnoy did bring up kneeling during the National Anthem. Portnoy did bring up trying to bring the country together. He questioned President Trump on very important issues.

That isn’t the best part of what Dave Portnoy did though. The real beauty of this interview was it brought out a side of President Trump that Americans rarely see. It brought out who President Trump really is. This is the real reason the left hates it. They hate this interview not because he didn’t push back but because it shows a side of President Trump that the Democrats and the Media don’t want Americans to see. Seeing this side of President Trump debunks the narrative he is just some evil, evil man.

The Mainstream Press should take a lesson from Dave Portnoy. When interviewing President Trump treat him with respect. Instead of being combative treat him like you actually care about what is being said. Every Mainstream Press interviewer is a gotcha interview. They ask the same questions that are only framed to make President Trump look bad.

Good Work Dave!

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