BANG!: Seal Team Six is training South Korean assassination squad to take out Kim Jong-un

    A combat ready special operation forces soldier with a MP7 silenced submachine gun and a night vision google.

    According to The Sun, Seal Team Six is helping to train a South Korean assassination squad tasked for Kim Jong-un.

    THE elite US Navy Seal team that killed Osama bin Laden is training the South Korean military to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

    Seal Team Six, the group sent to Pakistan in 2011 to kill Bin Laden, is taking part in secretive drills alongside South Korean commandos to take out the North Korean leader in the event of a war.

    The special assassination squad, which will be launched in December, was created by the South Korean defence ministry to neutralise “command and control” systems in the North, The Times reported.

    Song Young-moo, the defence minister, told MPs: “We are in the process of conceptualising the plan.

    “I believe we can create the unit by December 1.”

    South Korea’s defense ministry launched a plan to kill Kim dubbed Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR), local news service News 1 reported.

    It is reportedly part of a “three-axis system”  that includes Seoul’s homegrown anti-missile systems, the Korean Air and Missile Defense, or KAMD, and Kill Chain, a pre-emptive strike system.

    The announcement comes after Kim Jong-un conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on in the mountain on Sunday.

    Will this likely be the way Kim Jong-un goes out? No, but it certainly is something worth noting. Seal Team Six is by far America’s most elite unit. If they were going to be used to take out Kim Jong-un with Seal Team Six the press would never find out about it. With that being said that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to this story. This is a clear warning shot from the Trump administration to North Korea. They are showing Kim Jong-un that they are starting their switch towards military action in that region rather than the diplomacy option they are have been exercising so far.

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