As Biden Fails On COVID Response CDC Makes Major Admission About COVID Deaths

Joe Biden’s number one campaign promise was to stop the spread of COVID.

He promised that when he took office the virus would be gone.

The data tells a different story.

The circle below shows the number of cases when Biden took office.

As you can see–case numbers have skyrocketed.


Obviously, people can be critical of these numbers due to the tests for COVID being unreliable.

However, during Trump’s time in office, the same tests were used. This means even if the overall numbers are inflated it is a fair comparison due to both numbers being inflated.

Under Trump, the media continued to push fear on the population due to case numbers.

Since Biden is in office they are attempting to downplay it while still pushing for mass vaccination.

The CDC is admitting that 75% of COVID deaths were people with “at least four comorbidities.”

(It is unclear if she is talking about just Omicron or overall. What we do know is that people with multiple comorbidities have made up the majority of COVID deaths regardless of the variant) 

Just yesterday she promised to provide an update on how many people died with COVID instead of COVID.

Are We About To Find Out The Real COVID Death Count?

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