Nebraska County Censures Anti-Trump Senator Ben Sasse

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More good news.

The Lincoln County Republican Party in Nebraska has censured anti-Trump Senator Ben Sasse.

From Ohama:

The Lincoln County Republican Party voted Sunday to join an effort to censure Sen. Ben Sasse.

Despite the snowy weather, 32 people attended Sunday’s meeting, according to county GOP Chairwoman Carol Friesen.

The censure resolution received unanimous approval, she said in an email.

The resolution criticizes the Republican senator for “dismissing the legitimate concerns” of Nebraska’s secretary of state, attorney general “and a huge majority of Republican voters” regarding allegations of fraud in November’s presidential election.

It also says he issued “statements inciting radical proposals and retributions against law-abiding elected Senators,” referring to Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who objected to certification of the Electoral College results. And it accuses Sasse of “failure to respect the high office of the President of the United States.”

Copies of the resolution will be sent to Sasse and to the Nebraska GOP office to state support for a similar resolution by the State Central Committee when it meets Saturday in Columbus.

The anti-Trumpers thought him losing the election would be the end of his movement. They have been dead wrong.

The Republican Party is uniting behind his movement.

We have seen a ton of anti-Trumpers get censured already:

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