123 Texas Landowners Allow Border Fence To Be Built On Property

Good news for border security.

123 Texas Landowners have agreed to have temporary fencing on their border-front property.

This will allow vulnerable spots of the border to be protected by a wall.

From The Washington Examiner:

More than 120 landowners who live near the U.S.-Mexico border have agreed to let the state of Texas put up temporary fencing on their border-front property, the Washington Examiner has learned.

As of Wednesday, 123 people, most of whom live in Val Verde County, have consented to allow for an 8-foot-tall, barbed-wire metal fence to be erected at the edge of their property, according to a senior adviser to Gov. Greg Abbott. Eighty-two of the 123 people identified have signed agreements with the state’s military department, which is overseeing the process.

It is a major feat for Abbott’s administration as the governor seeks a third term. Getting the go-ahead from landowners will immediately allow the state to begin securing what is a vulnerable spot in its 1,250-mile shared border with Mexico. The remote region of south-central Texas, known by federal border authorities as the Del Rio region, has the third-highest total of illegal immigration nationwide, with 144,500 encounters of illegal immigrants between February and July.

The Abbott administration official said landowners, concerned about rising rates of criminal incidents on their property, initially sought out help from elected officials as the crisis at the border began six months ago. The decision to get landowners’ permission to build was driven by residents’ requests rather than the administration’s initiative, the official said.

Biden has created a crisis at the border.

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