“Zero Chance This Didn’t Happen”–Donald Trump Jr. Reacts To “Poop Gate”

Biden is widely viewed as a global embarrassment.

Since taking office he has created various crises and has sent America on the wrong path.

World leaders know they can take advantage of him and he can barely speak in public without a teleprompter.

It seems the embarrassment may have hit a new low after his trip to Rome.

According to rumors in Rome, Biden may have pooped his pants during a visit with the Pope.

The ‘Rumor in Rome’ is That Biden Pooped His Pants When He Met the Pope

This rumor has gained so much traction that it was trending on Twitter:

Now, we have this.

A member of the Trump family has weighed in.

Donald Trump Jr. responded to the rumor saying there was “zero chance this didn’t happen.”

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