“YouTube And Twitter Will Be Thing Of The Past”- Lindell Talks His New Social Media Platform

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On March 3rd we reported that My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell was going to start his own social media platform.

My Pillow CEO Says He Is Launching His Own Social Media Platform

We now have more information on it.

While on Steve Bannon’s The War Room Mike Lindell threatened that “YouTube and Twitter will be a thing of the past”.

Will Trump be joining Mike Lindell’s platform?

According to Trump Adviser Jason Miller Trump will be joining a platform by the end of Spring:

Former President Trump is planning to return to social media by the end of spring, probably on a non-mainstream platform, his senior advisor Jason Miller said on Saturday.

A ton of big things are coming.

Key Takeaways:

-His platform will be a place where evidence of voter fraud can be exposed

-He said he can even make Democrats believe that it was an attack on our country

-Platform will launch in two weeks

-Lindell: Supreme Court will hear voter fraud evidence

-Lindell: “YouTube and Twitter will be a thing of the past when I am done with them”

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