Ohio County Votes Down The Purchase Of Dominion Voting Machines

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Great news.

Stark County Ohio voted down the purchase of 1,400 new Dominion voting machines.

From CBS News:

Dominion Voting Systems lost a sale of more than 1,400 new machines on Wednesday after commissioners for Stark County, Ohio, voted down the purchase — against a recommendation from the county’s board of elections. The decision was celebrated by Look Ahead America, an organization created by former Trump campaign staffers, which called on the public to oppose the purchase.

The three-person board of commissioners cited “trustworthiness” and “public perception or concern regarding a vendor’s long-term viability, regardless of the cause or reason” in their decision.

“This board is obliged, in totality of the circumstances to exercise sound discretion on behalf of the citizens of Stark County to conduct the business of the county with due diligence when spending their hard-earned money, without rubber stamping recommendations that come before it, and to seriously investigate the cost, trustworthiness, long-term viability, and other aspects of any voting system to be purchased to ensure Stark County is obtaining the best value; and whenever there exists a potential cloud,” reads the commissioner’s resolution.

Dominion has come under fire since the 2020 election ended.

Many allegations have been thrown at them and the truth is slowly coming out.

Mike Lindell thanked Dominion for suing him because he said he will use it to expose him.

Analysis: Biden Got 5% More Votes In Counties That Used Dominion…6% In Counties That Used Hart


CONFIRMED: At Least 36 Memory Cards “Prematurely Removed” From Dominion Machines In Atlanta Area

Key Takeaway:

-Thanks to Trump allies Stark County in Ohio voted down the purchase of 1400

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