“You’re Done, You’re A Joke”–Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts Liz Cheney Over Sham Jan 6th Committee

Earlier today, Democrats and RINOs voted to hold Steve Bannon in contempt for not complying with the sham Jan 6th committee. 

House Votes To Hold Bannon In Contempt–Here Are The RINOs Who Voted For It

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene(R-GA) was having none of it.

She confronted Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and RINO Liz Cheney(R-WY) over the sham committee.

From The Hill:

Greene, a top Trump loyalist, crossed the aisle and approached Reps. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) as voting began on a resolution holding a former adviser of former President Trump, Stephen Bannon, in contempt for defying panel subpoenas.

“This is a joke,” Greene said, her voice rising, referring to the Jan. 6 investigation and the Bannon contempt vote. “Why don’t you investigate something people actually care about?”

Cheney shot back that Greene was “a joke” and that she should be focusing on Jewish space lasers, a reference to a conspiracy theory Greene previously had promoted on Facebook blaming “space lasers” controlled by a powerful Jewish family for starting wildfires in California.

“I never said that! You’re done. You’re a joke!” Greene yelled at Cheney, according to CNN. “Why don’t you go investigate something that matters to the American people?”

Trump also released a statement blasting Cheney saying she would be gone:

“She Will Soon Be Gone!”–Trump Releases Statement Blasting Liz Cheney

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