YIKES! Nike customer service workers virtue signal over backlash against Ad

Nike customer service employees took to the Rolling Stone website to showcase their concern with angry callers over the Kaepernick Ad.

Here are some stories:

I had a white police officer call. He said, “I think he’s un-American, rude, disrespectful and I don’t understand why Nike would pick someone who hates America.” He said he goes out every day to work and protect people, and doesn’t know if [he’s] coming home that night.

The officer said Nike is disrespecting the troops and the cops and, “Can you imagine how excluded we feel? We stand for those that have been silenced.” And so he asked me to see things from his point view.

We’re normally supposed to say, “At Nike we’re deeply sorry that you feel this way. May we take down feedback?” But I told him our places in society limit our ability to see things from each other’s point of view. Because of what I’ve seen. I’m a black teenager who has been wronged by the police.

My mother was raped by a policeman in the Seventies, at 17 years old. My father, a black business owner, was forced out of his car and asked to recite the [serial] numbers on all his tools because he had a felony. My father came from a generation where pride and self esteem is something you bathe in and nothing could ever take my father’s pride, but that did. And they still didn’t understand.

Another one:

You’re referring to a lot of these angry callers as Trump supporters. I’m curious if any happened to make Trump-specific remarks?
Yes. A lot of Trump supporters called. They say Kaepernick is a terrorist, communist, un-American, traitor, treasonous. Some of my black coworkers who speak with more ebonics had Trump supporters tell them to transfer the call because they “don’t trust” or “don’t talk to” black people.

One call I answered the guy told me Trump was making America great again. I said when it was great? He said World War II. I said, “Do you know about Japanese internment camps?”

Another asked me where my parents were from. Then he said I wasn’t black because I didn’t sound black. That guy in particular really got to me. He said you’re not black, you’re lying. I said, “Sir, I understand what Kaepernick is saying because I have faced the prejudice that he has faced. He speaks for people who are being silenced. It’s not about disrespecting the military or the police, it’s just about acknowledging that there is an issue and wanting to band together to fix it.”

And he said, “That’s not true, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said, “Racial prejudice doesn’t exist, you’ve never faced it, you’re a white guy like me.”

It is unclear if Rolling Stone was able to verify any of the stories but the blatant ignorance from Nike employees is ridiculous. None of them seem to want to care about the frustration of the majority of Americans over this Ad. They can careless if Colin Kaepernick called cops pigs or trashes America while praising communist countries. They can care less if their own slogan compares Colin to some hero that gave it all up.

The stories were clearly cherry-picked by Rolling Stone and it is odd to me that they claim America is s racist yet could only manage one racist claim on the phone. Nike has gone full social justice warrior and it is extremely sad to see.

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