After Rosanne Barr tweeted a supposed racist tweet Tuesday morning ABC decided to cancel her show and fire her.

ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said this:

“Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show,”

Of course, the left has cheered this move. It doesn’t matter to them that just the other day they were making the exact opposite point as it pertained to the NFL kneelers. Remeber we couldn’t stop hearing about the 1st amendment right of these athletes being trampled on by the NFL. Yet, when we have a similar scenario the left decides it doesn’t matter because they disagree with the politics of the person in question. This hypocrisy shows that they can careless about protecting the 1st amendment rather they want to move leftist ideals along.

With all of that being said ABC had every right to fire Roseanne. ABC is a business that hired Roseanne to do a job. Her comments whether you agree with them or not can come back and hurt the company. Do I like seeing entertainers being fired? No. Is there a clear bias here from leftist corporations? Yes. That doesn’t matter. In America businesses control themselves. They can be biased all they want. They can hire who they want. They can fire who they want.


One thought on “Yes, ABC had every right to fire Roseanne Barr”

  1. The problem most of us have with the sudden and seemingly unfair cancellation of Roseanne’s show is that it was allegedly over a comedic remark that White Roseanne made about a Black member of Obama’s former regime. This at a time when comedians of all races make the vilest and most hateful “jokes” insulting White men but no or little criticism of their racism much less firing them is even suggested. There seems to be a double standard here, but I was pretty sure Roseanne was dead meat from the start. You see, IMO this Roseanne show was meant to reflect the Hillary Clinton presidency and the SJW’s on the Roseanne show were supposed to be sympathetic to liberals, instead, viewers saw these SJW’s as the morons and freeloaders they really are, and Roseanne the conservative came across as much more real and much more sympathetic. Soros/ABC/ and their followers saw how they had failed by depending on the Clinton victory and demanded the show get pulled, thus racist, anti White, Black and White comics can say the most despicable things about White people with impunity. It is just horribly and obviously unfair.

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