Wisconsin GOP Legislator Hiring Three Former Cops To Investigate 2020 Election In Wisconsin

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Is something big coming in Wisconsin? 

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has hired three former police officers to investigate 2020 election fraud in Wisconsin.

From The Washington Examiner: 

A top GOP legislator in Wisconsin will hire three retired police officers to investigate parts of the November 2020 general election, joining other Republicans across the nation who are skeptical of President Joe Biden’s victory.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Wednesday he was giving the investigation, which will be overseen by an attorney, a broad mandate to take three months reviewing tips about the election and to follow up on ones that appear the most credible, according to an interview with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“Is there a whole lot of smoke, or is there actual fire? We just don’t know yet,” Vos said.

The Republican said he recognizes Biden scored a narrow victory in the state in November and claimed he is not attempting to change the results with the taxpayer-funded investigation. Biden defeated former President Donald Trump by about 20,600 votes in Wisconsin. Gov. Tony Evers certified the results in early December after a canvas and some county recounts.

Wisconsin is rumored to have some of the biggest fraud in the country:

WATCH:-Wisconsin Had 200,000 Illegal Ballots in Two Counties Alone — In Race Decided by 20,000 Votes

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