Salon: MAGA Agenda Being Kept Alive By GOP State Legislatures

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A new article from far-left salon highlights the efforts by GOP state legislatures to keep the Make America Great Again agenda alive.

The headline of the Salon article is:

Republican legislatures across the country are keeping the Trump agenda alive

*warning this is coming from far-left Salon*

From Salon:

GOP state lawmakers across the country are pushing a tidal wave of anti-progressive bills addressing cracking down on voting, protesting, pandemic management, Medicaid expansion, and transgender protections.

This is how the GOP can be effective during the Biden administration.

Elected officials at a state level need to make life better for their residents.

They need to make sure our elections are secure, unlike the 2020 election.

They need to save women’s sports from the radical left.

They need to give Americans their freedoms back and get COVID restrictions lifted at the State level.

How do you think the GOP is doing so far?

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