WIRE! Private donors build Border Wall ‘faster and cheaper’ than Government

Below are links to articles talking about the Border Wall being built on our southern border by the ‘We Build The Wall’ group.

Gateway Pundit Article(Click)

The Washington Examiner(Click)

Private group led by Steve Bannon has built its own mile-long wall along the US-Mexico border in just three days after fundraising $8MILLION – and now says it will sell it to the government for just $1

“We Build the Wall” Closes Off Human and Drug Smuggling Corridor in One Weekend! $100,000 a day Drug Pipeline SHUT DOWN (Video)

I felt these two articles were too important for me to try and summarize here so I just decided to allow all of you to click through and read them themselves. If the American People can continue to fund this private group then we will be able to make President Trump’s job much easier. The bottom line is that the Democrats refuse to help Trump build the wall and due to this they have left the border in crisis. The government will likely be needed at some point but as the price of what is needed lowers the less President Trump will need to get from Congress. We also have the idea that the Democrats will have trouble spinning this. To attack what is being done here would be an attack on the American people who donated there hard earned money to the Wall.

If any more information comes out on this I will add it to the links above.

If you would like to donate to the Wall(Click Here)

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