Why is the MSM so obsessed with Alex Jones?

Everybody knows Alex Jones. He is the founder of the groundbreaking website InfoWars.com and is widely known as a “conspiracy theorist”. Now, Alex Jones certainly covers topics that no other website of his size covers. His view of the world is one that puts him at war with the globalist establishment. Before I watched him I heard a lot of things about the man. I heard he thought Hillary Clinton was an alien, I heard he thought 9/11 was an inside job and I heard he couldn’t be trusted. This sparked something in me. I couldn’t understand how a man this crazy get an audience this big. No matter what the MSM says about him they can’t deny the influence he holds. This led me to watch Info Wars. After watching his shows for a week straight I realized that this man is not the man that the mainstream media paints him to be. Let me begin by debunking the two things the mainstream media told me I should believe about Alex Jones. Alex Jones does not think that Hillary Clinton is an alien. Alex Jones knows that Hillary is a human being. What Alex Jones does is entertain. He will say things like “Hillary is alien”. It doesn’t mean he thinks she is an alien, he is simply using it to display how evil she is. Anyone who watches Alex Jones realizes what he means. Now, we move onto the 9/11 was an inside job theory. They say “Jones believes 9’11 was an inside job” but refuse to tell people why he believes it. Jones says that deep state members within our government let it happen. Now I don’t believe he is right but the questions he raises are good questions. Should we call out a man for asking questions our government refuses to answer? These are only two examples of the MSM attacks we see. Every day hundreds of articles are published attacking Jones. They take something that he said and edit the clip until they have something to attack him on. So why is the MSM so obsessed with Alex Jones?

The answer to that question is that he is effective. Alex Jones is more successful than all of the members of the Mainstream media combined. Alex Jones started Info Wars and built it from the ground up. He built everything he has. The profits he makes go directly back into allowing his website to take the next step. How do I know this? I looked back at the production of the show through the years. All you see is constant improvement. All you see is more staff being hired. This is because he constantly puts the money he makes into making his website better. You can tell he cares about what he is doing. You can tell he is always working. This is something I admire and something that everyone should admire.

I don’t agree with Jones on everything but that doesn’t mean he should be subject to the scrutiny that he gets. Alex Jones has some different opinions but at least those opinions are informed. Alex is an expert in his craft. He understands politics and has sources that I can almost guarantee the New York Times can only dream of having. The media lies to attack him because he is effective. They hate him because he attacks the establishment they do everything they can to protect. While a mainstream media reporter takes establishment at their word. Jones is someone who looks through their lies.

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