Why did Trump find out about Iran strike casualty total so late?

The New York Times pointed out that President Trump found out about the total amount of casualty later than usual in the process of military strikes.


The president said in a series of tweets just after 9 a.m. that he was prepared to retaliate against three sites in Iran for that country’s shooting down an American drone, but that he was “in no hurry.” He indicated that the death of 150 Iranians would not be “proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone.”

It was unclear why Mr. Trump would have been getting information about possible casualties so late in the process of launching military action. Such information is typically discussed early in the deliberations between a president and national security officials.

Mr. Trump called Iran a “much weakened nation” because he decided to withdraw from the nuclear agreement negotiated by his predecessor and because of the sanctions that his administration had imposed. He also suggested that new sanctions had been imposed on Iran on Thursday night, but he did not elaborate.

Trump confirmed how late he found out about these numbers in an interview with Chuck Todd:

This is absolute insanity. Why was no one telling the President the fact that 150 people would die? Why was it that President Trump had to ask this question just minutes before the strike was going to happen? It seems to me that someone in the Deep State was doing there best to ensure Donald Trump didn’t get all the information on this attack on Iran.


Bill Kristol also says that he got information late:

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