WHOOPS: Leaked Donald Trump Jr DMs proves there was no collusion

A member of Dianne Feinstein’s office leaked out a partial transcript of Donald Trump Jr. and Wiki Leak’s Twitter conversation to The Atlantic.



The funniest part about this leak by the Democrats is that it hurts the Russian Collusion narrative that they created. They claim that the Trump campaign and Russia worked together to get DNC emails and then gave them to Wiki Leaks. If that was the case why would Donald Trump Jr. only respond three times to Assange? Why does the conversation between the two read like two people who had never actually communicated before? Well, It’s simple, they didn’t work together at all. In order to collude they would have had to communicated not only long before these DM’s show but much more frequently. Anyone who reads these DMs and uses this to prove a collusion case is just looking for something to fill there need for a narrative. We are witnessing Trump’s popularity rise again and once again the Democrats can’t let that happen.

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