What Is Going On With The US Diplomatic Boycott Of Beijing Olympics?

The Palmieri Report previously reported on Biden’s announcing of a diplomatic boycott of The Bejing Olympics.

We pointed out at the time that this was nothing more than a phony act by Biden.

If he really wanted to be tough on China he would have pressed them on the origins of COVID.

Analysis: Don’t Buy Biden’s Phony Tough On China Act

China is now claiming that Chinese officials are processing visa applications for American officials.

If this ends up being true this means the US won’t even be doing a diplomatic boycott of the Bejing Olympics.

From Breitbart:

The Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday that an unconfirmed number of American officials have requested Chinese visas to travel to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics despite President Joe Biden announcing a “diplomatic boycott” of the event this month.

A “diplomatic boycott” is not a boycott, as politicians do not play in Olympic sports or participate in the event in any meaningful way. The White House nonetheless attempted to garner praise in early December by announcing that Biden administration officials would not attend the event in protest of the Chinese Communist Party’s long list of human rights abuses against its people, including top athletes. Human rights activists have primarily cited the ongoing genocide of the Uyghur people of East Turkistan – fueled by the imprisonment of millions of people in concentration camps where they are subject to extreme torture, gang rape, and forced sterilization – as a reason to relocate, cancel, or boycott the Beijing Olympics.

“The Chinese side has received the visa applications from relevant US personnel,” Zhao told rpeorters. “Earlier, the US side, driven by political manipulation, directed and staged a farce of not sending a diplomatic or official delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics even though no invitation had been extended.”

“Now with regard to the US request to send a team of government officials to China and their visa applications, the Chinese side will handle them in accordance with international customary practice, relevant regulations and the principle of reciprocity,” Zhao added. “Once again we urge the US to follow the Olympic spirit in practice, refrain from politicizing sports and stop erroneous words and acts that disrupt or undermine the Beijing Winter Olympics.”

Zhao did not offer any details on who the officials were or how many had applied for visas. The reporter asking about the matter, from the Chinese propaganda outlet “Phoenix TV,” claimed to have information that 18 American officials had already applied for visas and another 40 would soon do so. Zhao neither confirmed nor denied the numbers.

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