Another Victim Of Inflation…$1 Pizza Slice Could Be Gone From Manhattan

Inflation is changing American life and not in a good way.

The $1 pizza slice could be gone from Manhattan due to rising costs.

it isn’t just one aspect of the pizza that is getting more expensive either.

The flour, pepperoni, tomatoes, and utensils are all becoming more expensive and each for their own reason.

From Zero Hedge:

Just like when Dollar Tree was forced to ‘Break the Buck’ by raising prices on some goods past the titular $1 mark, another “milestone” has been reached as inflationary pressures drive prices of everything – but especially food – higher.

The NY Times reported Tuesday that a growing number of Manhattan’s $1 cheese pizza slice vendors. For many, that price has held for two decades due to the fiercely competitive nature of the Manhattan market, even where the economics have long since put a stop to $1 slices.

Because of its durability over the years, the dollar slice has – for some – become a symbol of the strangely egalitarian life of being a New Yorker, where billionaires, homeless men, students and construction workers are all thrown in together, and where almost everybody at times resorts to a cheap slice on the go.

The owner of the 2 Bros’ chain, Mohammad Abdul, is now reportedly agonizing over whether to raise prices for the first time since opening in 2001. For those who are unfamiliar with 2 Bros’, it’s the biggest player in the $1 slice market, and its shops are visible across the borough. Interestingly, the city’s dollar-slice culture really “took off” after the 2008 financial crisis.

The managed decline that the globalists want is continuing to set in.

Things like the $1 pizza may seem insignificant to many and considering what else is going on in the country it likely is.

However, it is a perfect example of the broader attacks on the lives of everyday Americans.

Things that were once a staple in their communities are being destroyed by a group of elites that simply don’t know what they are doing.

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