“What are they trying to hide?” Trump takes to Twitter blasting states covering up voter fraud

    Just yesterday we posted two articles on our website touching on voter fraud. The first was written by me in which I pointed out the cover up that was taking place. The second was from The Washington Free Beacon. That article went in depth on Virgina Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s past run-ins with the covering up of Voter Fraud. Well, earlier today Trump took to Twitter to blast these states for not participating.

    Trump raises a very good question. What are they trying to hide? They claim Voter Frauds a myth. We have debunked that excuse on many occasions. They claim the Voter Fraud panel is a waste of taxpayer money. Yet, each one supports the Witch Hunt that is Trump-Russia collusion which is costing taxpayers a lot of money. Instead of worrying about Russia’s impact on the election we should worry about people within our own country trying to rig elections.

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