“WE WANT TRUMP”–Crowd Chants For Trump At Boxing Event He Is Commentator At

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The American people love Donald Trump.

While he was commentating at a Fight Club boxing event, the crowd broke out into a “we want Trump” chant.

The crowd then had some choice words for Joe Biden.

Trump responded to the crowd by thanking them and began talking about the fight.

He ended it by saying “We love our country.”

An initial report says the chant was “we love Trump.”

Biden has not gotten the same treatment from the American people.

During his trip to New Jersey, a man shouted to Biden “resign you, tyrant.”

Another one had some more colorful language for Biden.

““Fu*k you Joe Biden. Fu*k you, Motherfu**er. Leave our solders and Americans behind. Piece of sh*t. Bastard. Fu*k YOU!””

Biden’s approval is also dropping.

A new Trafalgar poll found only 43.5% of Americans approve of Biden with 48.2% strongly disapproving of him.

Biden’s disapproval sat at 54.3% in the poll. 

Approve: 43.5%

Strongly approve: 25.5%

Disapprove: 54.3%

Strongly Disapprove: 48.2%

No one believes this guy got 81 million votes.

Biden’s presidency is falling apart!

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