Wayne Allyn Root: The Trump Comeback Begins

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Wayne Allyn Root wrote a column for Townhall.com explaining the plan Donald Trump should take to get back into The White House.

From Townhall:

Many critics think Trump’s winning streak ended with a presidential loss. I disagree. I know the man. I understand the man. I know what comes next. It may be Trump’s greatest chapter yet.

Simply because Trump is relentless. He may be the most relentless human in world history. The secret to Trump’s success is “the art of the comeback.” Every time he is given up for dead, he makes the biggest comeback yet. He never gives up or gives in. He finds a way to turn lemons into lemonade. You can’t beat someone like that. You can’t bet against someone like that. As I always say, NBAT: Never Bet Against Trump.

Wayne Allyn Root then went on to list what President Trump needs to do to make this great comeback:

-Become the Kingmaker of the GOP. Primary Republicans who were against him and the voters of the GOP base.

-Fix Voter Fraud. Republicans won’t win another election if the voter fraud in the 2020 election isn’t fixed.

-Build a Media Network.

-Run for Congress in Florida

This is the plan Wayne Allyn root laid out. It all sounds great to me.

President Trump is by no means done. If he chooses to run again he will the favorite to win the Republican primary.

Then after four years of Joe Biden(or Kamala) as President, the country will realize just how much they were fooled and he may even be considered the favorite to win.

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