#BidenLied Trends On Twitter

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Americans are starting to wake up.

#BidenLied trended on Twitter on Sunday.

Now, we can point to a lot that Joe Biden has lied about.

He lied about his agenda.

He lied about his son’s business dealings.

He lied about President Trump.

I’ll stop here because I could go on all day about things Joe Biden lied about.

However, this trend likely refers to another lie he told.

That lie was that he would support giving Americans $2000 dollar stimulus checks.

This is by far one of Biden’s biggest lies. Although it is unfair to just put this on him. This was a lie told by the entire Democrat party.

They used it to get elected then turned their backs on Americans.

We reported on this yesterday:

THEY LIED: After The Election Biden Announces Support For $1400 Relief Checks

Joe Biden is nothing more than a corrupt politician.

He only cares about allowing the corrupt ruling class to remain in power.

Make sure all of your liberal friends know that Donald Trump supported and pushed for $2000 stimulus checks.

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