WATCH: Wheelchair-bound Bob Dole stands for National Anthem!

Bob Dole a 94-year-old WW2 Vet did something that should bring tears to the eyes of all that watch it.


Here is how The Daily Caller described the event:

Dole, who is 94 years old, can no longer walk and remained in his wheelchair for the majority of the ceremony. However, when the color guard walked in carrying the American flag and the flags of the Armed Forces, Dole can be seen on camera waving for an aide. A young man jumped up and helped pull Dole upright, so that he could be standing during the honoring of the American flag.

To think that a 94-year-old wheelchair bound Veteran can stand for the National Anthem but Professional Athletes making millions can’t is about as sad as a realization that you can come too. Even if you don’t feel a certain way about our flag it is important to realize how important it is to those who have served our country.


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