WATCH: Tucker Carlson destroys crazy feminist who claims men are evil and woman are the better gender

Now, before I show you this video let me state a few things. The first is that I don’t believe there is such thing as a “better gender”. I believe that although Men and Woman are different the differences between the two are what makes each special in their own way.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the video.

The Daily Caller:

Magazine publisher Cathy Areu said, “Women are better, unfortunately. We are not the murderers of our society. We are not committing the crimes. We commit less than 20 percent of the crimes. So actually, men are not as good as women. We are actually better. We’re safer…”

The Daily Caller co-founder replied, “But what about men who transition to women? So if a man says–if he’s got a terrible case of toxic masculinity, he’s on his death bed dying from toxic masculinity.”

Areu said, “Right.”

Carlson asked, “…and he says, bam, I’m a woman now, does it cure him?”

“Well I would hope so. He would be the better gender, so I hope so,” Areu answered.

Carlson later asked, “So if there’s toxic masculinity, that suggests the polar, right, toxic femininity. What would that look like? How prevalent is that?”

“Well, sugar, spice and everything nice,” Areu said, continuing, “that’s what it’s like to be a girl. But boys will be boys, and that’s what we’re raising. We’re raising boys to think they should be more powerful and stronger…maybe we’re just not raising them right. Why are women supposed to be nonviolent?”

Tucker asked, “Is there such a thing as toxic femininity?”

Areu answered, “No, we do no wrong. Women do no wrong.”

It’s interviews like this that make me love Tucker Carlson. He destroys two nonsensical leftist narratives with a snap of his finger. I wonder what the left would think if a Man went on TV and said: “Men are the better gender” I can almost assure you they would lose their minds.


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