At his rally in Montana Donald Trump dropped a bomb on the Deep State telling them the will be exposed.

BOMBSHELL-CLAIM! Rod Rosenstein is under investigation regarding FISA warrants

DISGUSTING! Deep State admits attempted coup of Trump, MAGA agenda

Liberal Glenn Greenwald: NYT Admin source ‘coward’

SARA CARTER! Trump may declassify 20 Russia docs by end of the week


One thought on “WATCH: Trump unloads on Deep State: ‘this whole thing is going to be exposed’”

  1. The United States has been fighting this war against the Deep State since Joe McCarthy and HUAC correctly identified the genuine and deep connection between some politicians, some Hollywood writers and actors and the real Soviet style tyrannical and brutal Communist menace of the 1950’s. And even Eisenhower warned regarding the military industrial complex as a threat to democracy in America, I doubt that either McCarthy or Eisenhower ever believed that the treachery and criminality they predicted would ever become this powerful and dangerous to the very social and legal fabric of America.

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