WATCH: Syrian Presidency Twitter account mocks Trump after airstrikes

Syrian Presidency Twitter account mocks Trump after the bombing raid that took place last night.

Here is an excerpt from Zero Hedge on it.

Syria quickly trolled Trump, and shortly after the attack the Syria presidency tweeted a post saying “the honorable cannot be humiliated.” A few hours later, the account tweeted a video of him walking nonchalantly to work through the halls of the Syrian presidential palace. The text said: “The morning of resilience.”

This is certainly a weird response to the attacks. The U.S led coalition bombing was simply to take out the infrastructure the U.S intelligence community claims Assad has.Out of the 105 Tomahawk missiles that were launched the Syrian military shot down a grand total of zero. This shows us that the U.S led coalition bombing could have done as much damage as it wanted to and Syria wouldn’t have been able to stop it.



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