WATCH: LaVar Ball and Chris Cuomo give us an unforgettable CNN interview

    Last night CNN’s Chris Cuomo took on Big Baller Brand’s LaVar Ball in an interview. This interview the best segment CNN has ran in years. You could put this in the same category as Melania Trump’s heels and the Trump ice cream scoop segment. It started with LaVar seemingly not even knowing the story and ended with them looking as is they might want to go out to dinner after the show. I thought LaVar had a pretty good point when he mentioned the fact it probably isn’t the best for Trump to request a Thank You for this but the idea that he wouldn’t thank the man who got his kid out of jail is nonsense. This interview was off the rails from the beginning and after listening to it we are still no closer to knowing what happened in China. This was a publicity stunt by LaVar Ball and CNN fell for it. I doubt anyone is surprised.


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