WARNING! ‘Paid Provocateurs’ leading caravan towards border on Saturday

According to reports from undercover informants ‘, Paid Provocateurs’ are leading the migrant caravan to the border on Monday.

The Gateway Pundit:

The plans were reported by KUSI.com reporter John Soderman via social media and broadcast. Soderman said a federal officer told him about 600 migrants led by paid provocateurs, are going to participate in the border rush to provoke a response from border patrol like last Sunday. (NBC News reported earlier the federal government had informants inside the caravan.)

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby also reported on the planned border rush :

““In talking with people, among other things, we learned that they are in fact marching again tomorrow morning to the border,” reported Darby. “We had reported earlier that agitator groups were trying to rile the migrants up to go to the border. Many of the migrants have already left here, and Mexico is putting them in an inside-shelter — a shelter that’s enclosed — maybe some 45 minutes away, and there are buses coming [and] taking people, but a lot of people chose to stay here because some of them believe that Mexico is taking them to be deported and it’s a trick, and others are staying here because they’re going to march again tomorrow. So we can expect to see some of what we saw last week possibly happen again tomorrow. They are, in fact, planning on marching.”

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