The Washington Post paid $5.2 Million for a Super Bowl Ad that featured Jamal Khashoggi.

Khashoggi has been outed as being a propagandist for the Qatar Government.

We have also covered Khasshogi

The left-wing media will stop at nothing to push there propaganda. Khagghosi’s death was brutal and horrific. However, he was not just an innocent Journalist that was taken out by the Saudi Regime. He was a propagandist and likely even had ties to Qatar intelligence.

The Washington Post printed his nonsense for years and was forced to admit some of this after his death. Even with knowledge of this, it won’t stop them from using his face to attack those who dare question the almighty Mainstream Media.

When they throw the ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness at you’ ask them why they decided to keep you in the dark regarding who wrote for their paper.


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