WaPo Reporter Tries To Smear Steve Bannon–Gets Embarrassed

Yesterday, The Deep State continued their assault on those who are exposing the Biden regime.

He will self-surrender himself on Monday.

UPDATE: Bannon To Self-Surrender On Monday

Of course, rather than exposing tyranny, the media runs to smear Bannon.

Robert Costa from The Washington Post tweeted a video of comments, Steve Bannon, made before Jan 6th.

He tried to make it seem like Bannon wanted violence to take place on Jan 6th.

Notice Costa pulled this from far-left Media matters:

(Just another example of media bias)

Jack Posobiec was having none of the smear.

Marjorie Taylor Greene exposed why the Deep State came for Bannon.

The media is disgusting and simply a propaganda arm for the establishment.

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