WaPo Reporter: Most Trump Voters Say Trump Will Win…All Plan To Vote In Runoff

Washington Post Dave Weigel talked to Trump voters and found out two very interesting things.

This just goes to show how smart Trump voters really are. Unlike what many in Conservative media have been promulgating they know exactly what is going on.

They understand the importance of holding the Senate. However, they also understand that holding Republicans accountable is also important. Just because the senate is important doesn’t mean we should just accept Republicans not standing up for free and fair elections.

President Trump sounded the alarm on the importance of voting in the Georgia Senate run-off during his rally in Georgia.

This is the truth.

I know there has been a ton of infighting among Conservatives over this. I’m not going to take sides. However, it is clear that we need Conservatives to go out and vote.

As Trump said not voting only gives the Democrats control of the Senate and a massive win.

The time to take on the Republican establishment is during the primary, not the runoff.

Go vote!

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