WaPo editor shows his bias, bashes Trump live on CBS

    Can we please stop acting like our mainstream media outlets don’t have a left-wing bias. Since Trump announced he would run for The President of The United States. We watched as they deliberately slanted narrative to make sure Trump didn’t get elected.

    Well, since he did get elected their coverage has gotten even worse. We have seen them use anonymous sources to print front page stories that have been later proven to be false. This is the epitome of poor journalism.

    Executive Editor for The Washington Post Martin Baron did little to hide his bias in an interview with CBS.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAooQrl5gkA]

    This interview was cringe worthy. We watched as Martin was praised by the two hosts for The Washington Post’s “great journalism”. Let’s go over just how great this journalism has been. The Washington Post accused Trump of giving classified information to the Russians. This turned out to be false. In fact, the only thing that jeopardizes National Security was the fact they printed this story at all. They took information that President Trump shared and made it public knowledge. This information President Trump had every right to share. There was no story to be had but they turned it into one because it dealt with the Russians.

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