WaPo admits Democratic Party Primaries are racist, sexist

An Article for the Washington Post outlined the racism and sexism that is running rampant in the Democratic party.


The article is headlined “The worst thing to be in many Democratic primaries? A white male candidate,” and it continues:

… Democratic voters are increasingly embracing diversity as a way to realize the change they seek in the country.

Given an option, Democratic voters have been picking women, racial minorities, and gay men and lesbians in races around the country at historic rates, often at the expense of the white male candidates who in past years typified the party’s offerings.

The “tribal trend,” said the Post, is driven by “the party’s growing dependence on female and minority voters,” and it has sidelined the expected ideological disputes between left and far-left candidates:

“The ideological part is only a very small piece. There is something deeper going on,” said Simon Rosenberg, a strategist at the New Democratic Network. “In this new social media age of politics, compelling, authentic candidates who can tell positive stories about themselves are succeeding over lifer politicians.”

The paper notes the very different divides in the GOP, where rival candidates champion and compromise rival ideological viewpoints, largely independent of their personal stories, race, sex, origin or lineage:

The closest analog to Crowley’s downfall was Dave Brat’s unexpected 2014 Virginia primary defeat of Rep. Eric Cantor, a Republican leader seen by many as a future House speaker. But that race, between two white men of similar age and background, hinged on the conservative [ideological] dispute over immigration and a determination by voters to upset the ways of Washington.

Just imagine if this was flipped. Imagine if the Republicans were choosing white men over every other group just because they were white men. The media wouldn’t stop covering it and the left would be in the streets attacking the very idea. Yet for the left, it is okay to discriminate. For the left, it is okay to put certain groups over other groups.

The Democratic party has gone full socialist. They are dividing us by race, sexual orientation and gender as a way to gain power and control over the American people.

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