Vile rioters at UC Berkeley infringe on free speech

    Gay Breibart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos was invited to UC Berkeley to give a speech on cultural appropriation. Well lets just say that speech was cancelled. This speech was not cancelled because Milo was sick. This speech was not cancelled because of bad weather conditions. These speech was cancelled because a group of college students decided to declare war on the union of their school. Never mind me explaining just watch…


    Well that sure looked like a warzone to me. What I saw was a large group of rioters shooting firecrackers at innocent Police Officers. I saw a large group of rioters destroying part of there campus because somebody felt differently than they did. These students didn’t come with signs; they came with firecrackers. They didn’t come with megaphones; they came with makeshift riot shields.The question I have is when is this going to end. The thing I find interesting about this is that this was an attempt to silence a rightwing speaker. They love to make everyone listen to what they think. They love to bash on those who they feel don’t listen to there every word. Yet when someone opposes them they riot. They attempt to censor. Milo isn’t perfect. Milo doesn’t claim to be perfect but at least he is speaking is mind in a productive way. He isn’t blocking traffic. Throwing things at buildings. Throwing things at cops. One thing he certainly doesn’t do is censor people with opposing ideas.

    I find the riots at UC Berkeley despicable. This is not an act of free speech. This is an act of violence. This is not the upholding of someone’s rights, this is an attempt to take away someone’s rights. I ask all of you to look at that scene and see what that reminds you off. It reminds me of videos we see in regions in great turmoil. Places were lawlessness and violence take precedence over the rights of others. It is time for America to wake up. The First Amendment stands for a lot of things but violent outbursts are not one of them. These college students should be persecuted to the highest extent that our justice system allows. And we need to make sure we do everything in our power to deter anything from happening like this again.

    Also if you’d like to hear Milos response it is below!


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