Video Democrats Purposefully Left Out Of Their Impeachment Videos

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The House Judiciary GOP’s Twitter account has been on fire.

They just sent out this tweet exposing what the Democrats are purposefully leaving out of their impeachment videos.

Trump’s lawyers pointed out the manipulation they have used to smear Trump.

If they can do this to Trump then they can do it to you as well. Not only can they but they will.

This is how evil the establishment is.

They don’t care about the truth.

They don’t care about norms.

All they care about is keeping power.

The impeachment defense for Trump is an easy one.

He called for peace. He never once advocated for violence. That alone should put this whole impeachment process to bed.

If you are a liberal reading this ask yourself this.

If the truth was on the side of the Democrats why would they lie?

If the truth was on the side of the Democrats why wouldn’t they include this part of the video?

The answer to this is, of course, the truth is not on their side. So they have to lie.

Democrat Accused Of Manipulating Evidence In Impeachment Trial

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