VATICAN CARDINAL: ‘Homophobia doesn’t exist’, bashes it as ‘Marxist scheme’

A top Vatican Cardinal and former head of the Vatican’s doctrinal office Gerhard Ludwig Müller attacked the idea of homophobia.

Here are some quotes from his interview:

“Homophobia simply does not exist, it is clearly an invention, an instrument of totalitarian domination over the minds of others,” “The homosexual movement lacks scientific arguments and therefore they have built an ideology that seeks to dominate, seeking to construct their own reality.”

“It is the Marxist scheme, according to which it is not reality that forms thought, but thought that forms reality,” “And so, whoever does not accept this reality must be considered sick. As if, among other things, you could use police or the courts to combat a disease.”

“In the Soviet Union, Christians were locked in an insane asylum,” “the measures employed by totalitarian regimes such as National Socialism and Communism.”

“Today in North Korea the same fate befalls those who do not accept the reigning thought,” 

“Today some bishops do not have the courage to tell the truth and allow themselves to be intimidated,” “They do not understand that homophobia is a deception that serves to threaten the people.”

“We Christians should not be afraid of threats,” “In the first centuries the followers of Christ were imprisoned or torn apart by beasts. Today people are torn apart by psycho-terrorism, taking advantage of their ignorance.”

He also said that Pastors are called to love all but that doesn’t mean falling to the propaganda being spread.


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