USA TODAY: Donald Trump is restoring respect for constitutional limits

An Op-Ed by Robert Robb for the USA Today laid out in perfect detail how Trump is restoring the constitutional limits Obama ignored.


That began with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. President Barack Obama repeatedly, and correctly, said that he did not have the constitutional authority to grant legal status to “Dreamers,” those brought here illegally when they were children, as a class. Then he did so anyway.

Trump rescinded this presidential overreach, but delayed the program’s termination for six months to give Congress, where the authority actually resides, time to act.

Despite the howls of protest, this was a well-crafted and well-considered action consistent with respecting the constitutional separation of powers while giving Congress the time to provide legal status for dreamers the right way.

Obamacare Subsidies:

 The cost-sharing subsidies, however, are different. They take the form of reimbursements directly to the insurance companies, and hence are subject to annual appropriations.

The Obama administration initially accepted this and asked for an appropriation to cover the cost. When that was not forthcoming, the administration started paying them anyway.

House Republicans sued and a district court judge agreed that the payments were not constitutionally authorized. But the judge stayed the injunction pending appeal. The Obama administration continued the payments while the court case has been put in legal limbo.


That was the situation Trump inherited. Initially, his administration also continued to make the payments. But, when it became clear that Congress wasn’t going to address health care comprehensively, which might or might not have included the cost-sharing subsidies, the administration announced the end of cost-sharing payments.

It is important to keep in mind Robert Robb is no huge fan of Trump:

There is much to find fault with Trump as president. His superficial leadership is one of the reasons Republicans aren’t getting anything done. Governing by bombastic tweets isn’t working.

But, thus far, Trump is actually showing significantly more respect for the constitutional limits on presidential power than Obama did.

This is just more evidence that proves the left and the mainstream media wrong when they talk about Trump. They claim he is a fascist leader who is trying to destroy our country. The reality is the complete opposite. Trump is taking all of the unconstitutional actions of the Obama Administration and putting them back into the hands of where the constitution says they should be.

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