US And Chinese Scientists Were Planning To Create New Coronavirus–Before Pandemic Erupted

According to a leaked proposal, US and Chinese scientists at the Wuhan lab were planning on creating a new Coronavirus before the pandemic.

The Telegraph reported that the grant application proposal was submitted by British zoologist Peter Daszak.

The virus they would have created would no natural ancestry.

This could explain why no natural ancestry for COVID has been found.

From The Daily Mail:

US and Chinese scientists were planning to create a new coronavirus before the pandemic erupted, leaked proposals show.

Last month, a grant application submitted to the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) revealed that an international team of scientists had planned to mix genetic data of similar strains to create a new virus.

The grant application was made in 2018 and leaked to Drastic, the pandemic origins analysis group.

This would result in a virus which had no clear ancestor in nature, a World Health Organization (WHO) expert told The Telegraph.

The expert, who asked the paper not to publish their name, said that, if such a method had been carried out, it could explain why no close match has ever been found in nature for Sars-CoV-2.

Although the proposal was rejected it is impossible to know what was being worked on due to the database of viral strains being taken offline.

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