UPDATE: Fans Who Brought “Trump Won” Sign Were Booted From Game

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Last night, The Palmieri Report reported on baseball fans that brought a giant “Trump Won” sign to a Yankee game.

They then unfurled it for all to see.

Baseball Fans Bring Giant “Trump Won” Sign To Yankee Game–Showcase It For All To See

Now, we have this. 

According to an article from The New York Post, the two men who brought the banner were thrown out.

From New York Post:

Two men were escorted out of Yankee Stadium Thursday – one of them apparently in cuffs – after they hung a large pro-Trump banner from the second deck.

Video and photos show two men unveiling a “Trump Won Save America” flag on the first-base side of the stadium which prompted a Bronx cheer of boos from many in the crowd.

At one point, someone on the deck below jumps up, apparently trying to pull down the banner during the second game of a doubleheader between the Yankees and Blue Jays.

The two men appear to be struggling over the flag with a security guard in pictures taken by a photographer from the Post.

Later, a Facebook video shows additional security and stadium workers in the area as some fans can be heard shouting for them to be removed.

One of the two men then appears to have been handcuffed as he is walked up the steps away from the seating area.

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