CNN’s Ratings Have Tanked Since Biden Took Office…Down 60% In Key Demo

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More losing for CNN.

According to a new report, CNN’s ratings have tanked since Biden took office.

CNN has seen a 54% decrease in ratings overall.

In 25-54, the key demo, CNN’s ratings were down 60%.

From Fox News:

CNN has been hemorrhaging viewers since President Biden took office, with ratings down more than 50 percent in multiple categories since Inauguration Day.

The liberal network spent years attacking former President Donald Trump and the network thrived during his final days in office amid a brief post-election spike. CNN averaged 2.2 million viewers during the first three weeks of 2021, but it has averaged just one million viewers since Biden took office, a staggering decline of 54 percent.

CNN’s struggles are even more prominent among the key advertising demographic of adults age 25-54, with a drop of 60 percent. It averaged 617,000 demo viewers from Dec. 28 through Inauguration Day but only 244,000 since Biden entered the White House.


Trump predicted that the Mainstream Media’s ratings would crash after he left office.

Here is what he said in 2017:

“Newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there,” he augured in 2017, “because without me, their ratings are going down the tubes.”

Project Veritas exposed CNN in massive undercover videos:

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