UK Reportedly Strips 150 Jihadis Of Their Passports

Daily Caller logoMore than 150 jihadis and criminals have lost their British citizenships in a preventative measure to stop them from returning to the country, The Sunday Times reports.

The U.K. has suffered three major terror attacks since the end of March. The government fears that the fall of Islamic State will lead to an increase in jihadis, and it has recently begun to step up “deprivation orders.”

More than 40 people have lost their passports in 2016, with the vast majority being targeted since March, according to The Times. All of the affected individuals are dual nationals.

Around 850 British citizens have joined the terror group in Syria and Iraq in recent years. Half of them have returned while 130 have been killed.

“There’s an awful lot of people we have found who will never be coming home again,” a senior U.K. security source told The Times. “Our number one preference is to get them on trial. If we don’t think that’s possible, we use disruption techniques.”

Blocking people from their country of citizenship is often a complex process.

Australia passed the Allegiance to Australia Act in 2015, which allows the government to strip the citizenship of dual nationals who are suspected or convicted of engaging in militant acts or joining a banned organization. (RELATED: In Landmark Move, Australia Strips Citizenship From ISIS Terrorist)

Germany moved to deport two terror suspects born in the country in a first of its kind case in March. The duo — a 27-year-old Algerian and a 22-year-old Nigerian — were sent to their parents’ home countries. (RELATED: Germany Deports Homegrown Terror Suspects In Landmark Case)

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