Tucker Releases Photos Showing CNN’s Cuomo Without A Mask

Tucker Carlson released exclusive photos showing CNN’s Chris Cuomo not wearing a mask.

This surfaced just a few days after Cuomo melted down on his show about President Trump looking strong after having the Chinese Coronavirus.

CNN’s Cuomo was caught staging his exit from his basement after getting the Chinese Coronavirus:


Only, like everything else about Cuomo, we learned this is all hypocrisy and bullshit.

On Easter Sunday, while still sick with the virus and therefore contagious, the New York Post reports Cuomo emerged from the basement of his Southampton home and, with his wife, kids, and a second woman, violated his quarantine, as well as New York’s stay-at-home and necessary travel orders (instituted by Cuomo’s own governor/brother Andrew) just so he could hang out at his property in East Hampton, a full half-hour away, where he’s reportedly building a home.

The only reason the Post found out about Cuomo’s quarantine violation is due to a cyclist who said he got into a confrontation with Cuomo that day

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