Tucker: Dems Benefiting From Biden’s Energy Crisis

Since Joe Biden has taken office everything has become more expensive for the average American.

One of the worse examples of this is the price of gas. As of March 31st, it sits at $4.22 a gallon nationally. This is far higher than when Biden took office.

On his show, Tucker Carlson pointed out something very important. Tucker pointed out that although Americans are suffering the Democrat party is benefiting from the gas hikes.

They are using the gas hikes to push more and more green energy on the American people and enrich themselves off of it.

From Fox News:

So, who’s benefiting from this? China’s benefiting from it. We already told you that. That’s obvious, but the Biden administration’s donors are benefiting from it, too, and one of them is now the Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm. Thanks to reporting from the Washington Free Beacon, which we are grateful for, we know that Jennifer Granholm held millions of dollars in stock in so-called green energy companies while she was serving as the secretary of energy.

So, you hold energy stocks while you’re the secretary of energy? Hmm, where’s the Justice Department? Jennifer Granholm did not sell these equities, even after she took office. Is that a conflict of interest? Of course, it is. It’s criminal, but Jennifer Granholm didn’t seem bothered. She knew she would never be charged with anything. The Biden administration isn’t bothered, either. This is the whole game. Make your donors rich by saving the planet. Jennifer Granholm is still running the Energy Department. Here she is explaining that her stock portfolio would really benefit if we “decarbonized the fossil fuel industry.”

It does kind of answer one enduring mystery. Why would they put someone in as secretary of energy who knows nothing about energy, never been in the energy business, has no idea what the energy grid is, has no clue how your iPhone is charged overnight—none at all—and yet she’s the secretary of energy?

Oh, because it’s an investment scam and they’re all in on it. Check investments right now in renewable energies since the manmade energy crisis that Joe Biden and his sanctions set off and you’ll see it’s quite a robust market right now. Who’s benefiting from that? Right, people like Jennifer Granholm. She wants to force you to subsidize her investments. That’s the medium to long-term strategy and no crisis in the last decade has given them better cover than the invasion of the client state of Ukraine that Jennifer Granholm can’t even find on a map. There’s a reason they’re focused on Ukraine and it’s to give you the Green New Deal, whether you want it or not.

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