Trump Touts COVID Vaccine: Five Years Ahead Of Schedule

President Trump took to Twitter to continue to tout his Administrations’s success on vaccines.

Remember the media and the experts told us Trump couldn’t do this in this amount of time.

Trump touted the vaccine in a speech from the Whitehouse:

The first shipment of the vaccine will arrive Monday:

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OWS CEO Gen. Gustave Perna told a press conference Saturday morning, “The first shipments should arrive Monday morning and extensive coordination will ensure that this occurs.”

Shipments were being readied just hours after the Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccine for emergency use authorization, Breitbart News reported.

“Make no mistake, distribution has begun,” he said. “Now, boxes are being packed and loaded with vaccine and within the next 24 hours they will move the vaccine from the Pfizer facility to the UPS and FedEx hubs. Then it will go up to the locations nationwide which were identified by the states and the territories.”

40 Million doses should be available by the end of the month:


He said he expected to have distributed 40 million doses at the end of the month. He said Operation Warp Speed is also posturing to distribute the Moderna vaccine if it also receives emergency use authorization by the FDA.

Perna praised all those who worked as part of Operation Warp Speed to establish a foundation for distribution.

“It is through the foundation established by the incredible experts of the CDC, the capability of commercial industry including Pfizer, McKesson, FedEx, UPS, Walgreens, CVS, and others, and most importantly, the governors, public health officers, and health care communities, that this plan will succeed,” he said.

Even the Mainstream Media has been forced to praise President Trump and his operation warp speed:

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