Trump To Use Steve Bannon’s Podcast To Get Message Out?

According to a new report, President Trump might be using Steve Bannon’s podcast in the future to get his message out.

(The article is from the Mainstream Press so don’t worry about the bias)

From Meaww:

Have Steve Bannon, Trump’s estranged former White House adviser, and the twice-impeached U.S. President buried the hatchet? As per Bloomberg News, a source said that Trump has repeatedly spoken to Bannon by phone in recent weeks — for counsel on his campaign to overturn his re-election defeat. The source also said the president has sought out allies who would tell him what he wants to hear as he continues to make false claims that the election was stolen from him.


The answer to the aforementioned question probably lies in a podcast. During Trump’s first impeachment in 2019, Bannon launched a podcast called ‘War Room’ in which he and other Trump allies publicly defended the president. Bannon has already used the podcast to back the president’s unfounded claims that the outcome of the 2020 election where he was defeated by Joe Biden was fraudulent. With most platforms banning Trump in the last week, Bannon’s podcast may be an avenue for Trump to get his word out.

Steve Bannon’s podcast which he cohosts with Raheem Kassam and Jack Maxey is likely the best in the United States.

There was no podcast in the country better at delivering the truth.

They gave us the truth about the pandemic.

They gave us the truth about impeachment.

They gave us the truth about election fraud.

I can see no better option for President Trump than this.

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