“Terribly Skewed”-Trump Pollster Blows The Whistle On Skewed Impeachment Polls

According to Trump campaign pollster John McLaughlin, Mainstream Media polls are skewing the amount of support for impeachment that exists.

Just The News:

Mainstream media polls showing large majorities favoring a second impeachment of President Trump are skewed, according to Trump campaign pollster John McLaughlin.

“The media was skewing polls to lower the president’s job approval and create the false impression Americans wanted to impeach President Trump,” pollster John McLaughlin told “Just the News AM” television show.

Polling McLaughlin conducted for Trump’s Save America PAC in 17 swing states Jan. 10-11 — following the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot — found that 77% of all voters think Congress should make its priority this week dealing with the coronavirus, while only 23% prefer impeaching President Trump.

He went on:

McLaughlin said a CBS poll released Wednesday finding that 55% of Americans favored impeaching Trump this week was a “skewed poll” because its sample included only 28% Trump voters and 25% Republicans.

The CBS poll’s sample, McLaughlin said, included “not 36 [percent Republicans], which the media polls had on Election Day this year, but they had 25% — that’s an 11 point partisan skew reducing the Republican vote,” McLaughlin said, noting that Trump won nearly 47% of the national vote.

“They do this with a straight face, and they carry the headlines, and it wasn’t just them,” said McLaughlin. “You had The Economist with skewed polls, you had Politico’s Morning Consult with skewed polls, they’re underpolling Trump voters, and they’re underpolling Republicans so that they can make it seem like it was politically popular to impeach the president. And the voters don’t want this, they want to deal with real problems, they want to move on.”

Calling the Politico Morning Consult poll “terribly skewed to give a false impression voters want impeachment,” McLaughlin noted its sample included 50% Biden voters but only 36% Trump voters, even though Trump received 47% of the popular vote, an 11 point skew.

Don’t believe the polls.

The establishment Republicans, The Democrats, and the Mainstream Press are nervous about the amount of support President Trump has. They know that his movement is only growing and that without widespread election irregularities he would likely have been re-elected.

They want to bar him from running again because they want to regain control over the American people as they had before.

They don’t care if America is strong or weak. They want to be in control.

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