Donald Trump tweeted out a late night message to America saying that we will win the war against the Deep State.

This comes one day after The New York Times printed an OP-ED from an anonymous member of the Trump Administration who admitted to a behind the scenes coup of Trump within the Administration.

DISGUSTING! Deep State admits attempted coup of Trump, MAGA agenda

BOMBSHELL-CLAIM! Rod Rosenstein is under investigation regarding FISA warrants


One thought on “Trump to America: ‘Don’t worry we will win’ war against SWAMP”

  1. I trust President Trump is well prepared for this most recent media fabricated smear and has the means in place to deal with such treachery, but frankly, I do not believe that there are any sources whatsoever. I am convinced that Woodward simply let his overheated and overhated Trump Derangement syndrome provided him with his “evidence” to libel the President, again, I trust that Trump was ready for this rabid attack and he will deal with it properly.

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